Helios Cloud Phone System

Power-up productivity

Our cloud phone system offers smart, on-demand services that simplify telecoms management, improve business agility, and support greater productivity and efficiency.

Telephony with built-in flexibility

When you move to our cloud-based phone system you can opt to port your existing number to our network – or alternatively we can provide you with new numbers from UK or international area codes of your choice to make you more accessible to your customers. Our solutions are all designed to improve business agility and enhance frontline customer service to give you competitive advantage.

Plug in with a range of VoIP phones

Our system is interoperable with a range of leading VoIP handsets, including Yealink, Cisco, Siemens phones and Polycom conference phones, which are all supplied preconfigured. Helios is also highly compatible with software-based phones installed on mobile devices and laptops. All you need is a business-grade Internet connection and a Local Area Network to connect to our services.

Manage your calls more efficiently, wherever you are

Helios is packed with intelligent features to help you work more efficiently and securely, whether you’re in the office or on the move. Each user can configure their personal preferences from a control panel, and many features are accessible directly from the handset. And it’s easy to set passwords and pin numbers to secure your phones, voicemail and web-portal from unauthorised access.

Never miss a call

You can divert calls to another internal, external or mobile number, or use Call Forwarding to set other numbers on your network to ring when your number is called. You can even twin your phone with your mobile. Call Waiting allows you to see when another caller is waiting and you can use Call Park to put a caller on hold while you take another call.

Save time

Set Quick Dial Short Codes for the numbers you dial most often, and use Address Book to quickly access all your contacts, wherever you are. With Line Monitoring, it’s easy to see when your colleagues are free, and simple to transfer calls to any internal or external number. You can also set the Do Not Disturb and Block Anonymous Calls features.


Bring a colleague in on a call with Three way Call and forward important voicemail messages easily to handsets or emails. Let the whole team know with messages on Shared Voicemail, and access voicemail from any internal or external phone, mobile or online.

Maintain essential services

Set external or mobile failover numbers to maintain business continuity in the event of a power cut or network failure.