Helios Business Solutions

Give your business a competitive advantage

Helios cloud phone system helps you drive profitability, work more efficiently and increase customer loyalty to accelerate business performance.

Improved costs

With our cloud phone system, there’s no need for expensive on-site equipment, no costly maintenance and no servicing or upgrades required. Users can be added or removed as your business changes, without the expense or inconvenience of on-site engineer visits. Costs are calculated on a per-seat, per-service basis, so it’s easy to scale up or down. The solution gives you free calls between all hosted extensions or handsets.

Improved productivity

Our solution helps your business become more efficient and more productive. You can allocate a single number to users, which can be used across all devices. So, whether you’re in the office or on the move, you can take calls on your desk phone or mobile. With a host of smart, time-saving features, your team can work more efficiently and focus on value-added tasks. The system can be controlled from any device, wherever you are, as long as you have an Internet connection.

Improved customer experience

Helios cloud phone system is packed with intelligent features designed to streamline customer service. By eliminating hold times and call queues, and ensuring that calls are quickly routed to the right people, our phone system technology enables your business to stand out from the crowd. Every call is a chance to represent your brand and your phone system can help you make the right impression with every customer engagement.