Helios Management

Your business communications, your way

Helios Cloud Phone System is a fully managed solution that includes configuration, installation and proactive monitoring. But once installed, it’s easy for you to set up your phones the way you want them to work using an intuitive, built-in control panel.

Your Helios control panel enables you to assign features to your phones to create a system that meets your business needs. It also provides you with a range of management reports on system usage and performance over time.

Company Address Book

This feature enables you to set up two telephone directories that are automatically available to all users on the system. The Internal Directory provides contact details for all the users on your telephone network. The Shared Contacts List is an optional directory that can be used for other useful telephone numbers or contacts. Contacts can be entered individually or uploaded from a CSV file.

Call Groups

Call Groups can be used to create either a group of users that can pick up each other’s calls (Call Pickup) or a group of users that will have calls to a special number distributed between them (Call Forwarding).

Music on Hold

Provide Music on Hold for all or just specified phones. You can choose from a list of music files available, or we can upload your own approved tracks.

Time-based Routing

Time-based Routing enables your incoming calls to follow pre-determined routes according to the time of day or week. The schedule will automatically route inbound calls in specific ways for particular periods - for example, during lunchtimes, out-of-hours, weekends and holidays. You can route calls to internal or external phones, call groups or voicemail boxes for each designated period in the schedule and create a library of voicemail messages to suit those occasions.

Call Barring

Configure which outgoing calls are allowed, by individual phones or for all phones on the network. Options include:

  • Bar all calls from being received or made
  • Bar calls to international numbers
  • Bar calls to premium rate numbers
  • Bar calls to 118, 0844 or 0871 numbers

Presentation Numbers

Set an alternative business phone number that called recipients will see when you make an outgoing call from the company network.

Performance Reports

Helios call metric reports enable you to monitor your call management policies and plan for improvements. The reports are generated automatically in PDF format and cover calls answered, missed or forwarded to voicemail, time-to-answer and volume of calls across days or weeks.