Helios Contact Centre System

Enhance your customer service with efficient call management and faster response

With Helios, you can transform your cloud phone system into a multi-channel, cost-effective contact centre that ensures operators are well equipped to provide your customers with the best possible service.

Auto Attendant

With Auto Attendant, you can automatically transfer callers to an extension without the need for an operator or receptionist. It’s easy to create a library of recorded greetings and instructions, and up to 100 individual menus and sub-menus, which can be applied to specific phones.

Recordings can be made separately and uploaded to Helios. They can be recorded from a network telephone or through our state-of-the-art text to speech module, which generates a female voice.

Call Routing

Intelligent, skills-based call routing helps your contact centre agents deliver a consistent customer experience in the face of fluctuating demand and fixed resources. It ensures that wait times and resolution times are minimised, and that customers are quickly connected to the right people in the shortest possible time.

Call Recording

Call Recording gives you the option to record external or internal calls on specific company phones. For each phone, you can choose to record all calls or a defined number of calls, and whether these are external or both internal and external calls.

Recordings are stored securely online for six months, but auditable records are available indefinitely. There is also a facility to ensure that recordings are not altered or tampered with after downloading.

Call Queues

Call Queues hold incoming calls if there are no agents available. You can create up to 50 call queues and play music to a waiting caller, as well as:

  • Define the maximum number of calls for a queue and decide how to deal with new calls after this number is reached
  • Set how long callers wait in a queue and what happens after that time
  • Create your own introductory message and decide how many times this and progress messages are repeated while a call is in the queue

Service Finder

Service Finder is a free app for your Windows PCs that gives you fast access to Helios call features, including:

  • Screen pop-ups on your computer that show when there’s an incoming call or voicemail, and who it’s from
  • Immediate access to the portal website, without having to login separately.
  • Immediate access to the day’s received calls.
  • Immediate access to unheard voicemail messages
  • Option for bulk download, file verification and delete functions for Call Recording administrators


Wallboards can be added to the Call Group function. They display real-time call statistics on wall-mounted Plasma or LCD screens, enabling Call Group members to monitor and respond to real-time performance issues. Reports can be viewed as a group total and split out by team member, and include:

  • Calls overview – the number of incoming calls, answered calls, outgoing calls, lost calls and average call duration
  • Inbound calls – the number of incoming calls, answered calls, lost calls, queued calls and ring duration
  • Outbound calls – the number of outbound calls, average duration and maximum duration
  • Queued calls – the average queue time, maximum queue time, queue limit breaches, timeouts and the current number of calls queuing